Todd Loik

an amazing strong boy can`t take it anymore

Todd Loik`s mother can`t figure out why the people decide to bully her son. she just couldn`t. he was a nice boy and was always helpful and mature for 15. Sadly all the terrible messages got to him. He loved welding, she said. He also couldn`t wait to do his drivers test on his birthday, Sept 20th. bu sadly he committed suicide on Sept 9th, after being told not to worry about some nasty messages he showed her the night before. He was found in his bed the ext day. Carol Todd then swooped in to help. She helped Kim into finding a group that would dig into he phone files and Facebook messages. Kim said she wouldn't read the messages, but said she heard they were nasty and vile. On his birthday, they video taped a ceremony where they lighted 16 candles. ne person was heard saying"this is for you buddy."

rip Todd loik and please think about people before you send these hateful messages!

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