**1400sqft Home on 4 Acres **

3Bedroom 2Full Bath Ranch Extended Carport

Endless Oppurtunities with this DEAL!
4 Acres of Land & a 1400sqft Home

Only Asking 187k

  • Awesome Turnkey Property with Acres of Land
  • No Longer has creek, Lot is Level
  • 3Bedrooms 2Baths 1400sqft Ranch Style
  • Lot is WELL tamed,Landscaping not an issue
  • Property needs little to no work (Cosmetic upgrades maybe)
  • Why not build 2 more Houses on the Lot?
  • Hard to find comps with this amount of land (Total appraised value 240k) 1yr ago
  • Call Marcus for further Details @ 678.235.5787 Direct or Email Marcus.GrandAveProps@Gmail.com