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Crisp: If you want to have a crisp cookie then you can use butter. Butter has a low melting temperature and has protein, which will aid in browning as well as crisping. You also will not want to use eggs, eggs provide moisture which leavens the cooking. Use All-purpose flour because it has a high protein count so it will create a browner crispier cookie than other flour would.


Fat: If you were to use butter over margarine or shortening the cookie would brown better.

Safety and Sanitation

1. When preparing food you need to make sure your hands have been washed with warm water and soap. If you have touched uncooked meat and then are going to chop up fruits or vegetables then you will have to wash your hands again to prevent cross contamination.

2. Proper knife etiquette is to always point the blade away from people, if you're walking then the knife should be pointed down towards the floor. When cutting you do not want to slam the knife, it will dull the blades faster, instead you want to move in a rocking motion. If you get cut by a knife you need to tell your instructor, clean the wound with soap and water, bandage it up and then put on a glove to protect the food.

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