Logan F.

Smoking is horrible because the chemical nicotine collects in human's lungs which increases the chance of lung cancer and heart attacks (Resource).  Smoking is very addictive because the chemical nicotine in the cigarette forces your body to feel that it is dependent on the chemical
(Resource).  If you click on the link below you will visit a cite with an interactive lung representation between smoking and non-smoking lungs.

Alcohol should not be consumed constantly only very rarely because when alcohol is consumed constantly it causes blackouts, memory loss and many other issues like anxiety (Resource).  

Exercise is very crucial to staying healthy it leads to a healthy life and can increase confidence in yourself.  Did you know that one in ten premature deaths occur every year from not exercising which is almost as equal to the premature deaths from smoking (Resource).

Air quality is important to staying healthy it leads to keeping your lungs healthy.  Constant exposure to pollutants can cause lungs to age much quicker and diseases such as Asthma and Emphysema to develop (Resource).  You can research a city's air quality before you move to increase your life and stay healthy.

Food is very important to a human's lifestyle because it determines your how long you will live and how healthy you will be in the long run.  If you are constantly eating fast food you will gain weight and have an increased chance of a heart attack because your arteries will fill up with fat and become clogged.  Fast food is okay sometimes but don't have it very often.  Make the time at the beginning of the week to plan out what you will eat for every meal.   

Take care of yourself early so you don't have have to pay for it in the long run.  If you learn good habits early you won't have to watch your weight or go on a diet later.

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