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Introducing Letter :)

Hi, my name is Elena. I'm from Vietnam, and I'm 16 years old. My family has total 5 members ( my grandma, my parents, my brother and me), they are all living in a small city inVietnam right now. I have a younger brother, he would be in grade 5 this year. I have a lot of thing that I love to do, like watching movie, hangout with my friends, or playing with my brother. And the especially thing that I want to do is playing guitar, I also want to spend time to travel with my family too, but because my parents are always busy with their job so we didn't have chance to do that. And I wish that we could do it someday. Portfolio is the most convenient way to be put everything in organization, easy to find everything you need at anytime. Reflecting the work, to see every step in the whole year. Also get the ability to review knowledges faster, improve the skill helps us study better. The teacher could check to see how good or what is the skill or the weakness that the student have to help them improve. Those are the several things that the portfolio helps us on our studying. I want to study chemistry because it's helpful for me to understand and know more about the chemical that we use in life, then I could use it in the right way. More than that I want to know about the combination of the chemical, it is so cool to know all that stuff. I want to know more about more things about everything around us, like how do you create medicines, how do you do it, that kind of thing is the one make me really curious about. There is also something about it that I don't like about, like I have to remember so many thing that I don't really use in life because I just want to learn something that actually useful. And before, when I study chemistry, we don't usually do it in lab so it's really hard to understand about something that you've never seen or believe that it could happen. My goal is an A in class, even though I don't know if I could do it, but I'll try my best. Working hard, and make sure that I understand everything in class. But then sometime I didn't read carefully the question, but I couldn't understand the question clearly on the test, I hope that you could help me explain it to make make sure that I understand the question. Thank you for reading this, hope you have a great day.
Elena Ngo


That means to explode your thought after you study about something in class. To be a critical thinker is to arrange your thought after learning and asking question try to find answer for it using basic knowledge

After learning a lesson in class, I like to arrange all of the ideas again and make little note for myself so that it is easier to remember it. I will do some of the question in the text book to make sure that I understand everything I learned in class that day

A self-check quizz


It means design and carry out experimental. Once you get more information, you would bring it to you as a information to use for the next question

After leaning in class, our class usually has a lab to experience what is actually happen and experience the way to figure thing out applying to the lesson.  

We were working on the lab to find out if  we were understand it clearly. By applying the lessons in class to answer questions and experience if we understand it right


It means to make an effort in group working to achieve the goal. Thinking and give a good advice or opinion for the others. We should be nice with each other to make up a good project

For this project,  we needed to work together and made a plan for we should do and how can we apply what we study to create a lab test to see if what we think was right. Then, we gave out some of your opinion to make a successful lab. In this lab, we were trying to figure out the big size crystal shape of the elements. We dissolved it in water and tried to put it back again as a hard shape (the process is called crystallization)

A group lab


Apply math and knowledge to solve problem in chemistry. Using math to calculate the problem like solving for mole or convert unit

Planck's Equation need to apply a lot of math when I study it. If we have frequency of the radiation and Planck constance, we can find out the number of quantum energy of a photon. By applying a math equation, everything is easier to calculate.


Effective communicator means connect everything you learn. If you learn about law and theory, you need to understand clearly why is it different and the same. You need to be really understand the problem. Also, share and show it to others to help they understand it too

For this, we need to dicuss as a group to find out the answers for all questions that we have. Then, we explained the question in front of the class to help everyone understand out questions which is about intermolecular forces


Develop to understand the relationship between chemistry and our normal life. To know more about how learning chemistry is so helpful to learn.

From learning chemistry, I was able to develop my knowledge to discover a new topic to discuss in class. It is connecting to life, so that it is so helpful to learn chemistry and find out other things that we have never really understand when we heard it (all the reaction and chemiscal). In this debate, I were able to connect between chemistry and nuclear technology.


The acknowledge about religion and scientific knowledge Find the different between religion and science, they cannot be compare with each other

For one of the project I did in class, I needed searched about nuclear technology. Based on chemistry we have learned in class, I feel confident when I search about it because I understand when they explain about it and I can imagine how does it happen. It is so helpful to learn chemistry. Connecting to what I have learned and find out how does it work in our life.

Enjoying the chemistry song !!!!

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