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Hello, my name is Thomas Jefferson. But all my friends call me Tommy J Lifestyle. I was born on April 13, 1743, #TeamAries. I was living in Albermarle County, Virginia. Then I inherited a big 'ol plot of land from my daddy. I made my house in Monticello which I designed myself. I married a beautiful Martha Wayles Skeleton. I'm 271 years old.

   I soon took office to try to make a difference. I was one of the Founding Fathers of this wonderful nation. I helped make one of the first government systems. But making the constitution was a struggle because some people didnt agree with me.  I also think we should rely on farming and being all independent.

     I really dislike that hatched face nutmeg of a John Adams. He wanted to rule by the wealthy class, his 'ol dumb self. He also wanted a strong federal government, and a BRITISH alliance. He wanted just what we left. I bet that 'ol hag was a Brit in disquise. One reason were in debt is probally be-cause of him.


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1.Who was my rival? Name one reason why.

2. How old am I?

3. Who did I marry?


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