Hong Kong


Reminds me another early in the morning, feel the 【distinct ambiguity of HK】 that it brought us in memory,once leave it there but never erased,that perfect ambiance arouse for it won't stop...We walked to our morning tea.Uncles and aunts looked like take the 'large population base' of customers,i figured they might got retired so have more leisure time,check today's newspaper and drink tea is their very first amusing joy perhaps.We ordered too much that day,my aunt lives in Hong Kong and introduced the crystal shrimp dumpling and roast pork and many other that we could't even call out their names...Later we climb stairs on foot at back our apartment for a walk,after several minutes i don't know how far I have been walking,it is just straight ahead to the mountain villa ...

Also we take the "dingding track railway bus",subway to some sight spots and to see some private boat and wind blow from the sea.Right, I almost forgot what you said"next stop,Tien Hao" interesting..."please hold the handrail",and the advertisement framework" Sorry for the inconvenience we've made" for the subway its built to offer citizen a better transport. And a deliver guy appeared one day, his gangster looks like got my attention, I sign for what we bought---fresh water crab,served with my aunt special plum wine,it was that season for the delicious..but for some other food like sour pig's knuckles,she wants me to try one ginger,i'd rather pick an egg..Dry cargo is good there,like blood nest and dried longan.The last day after we met with that A-yi on the train in his selected place then had a visit her house,we are too tired so we go home to pack up.