The New Deal!

November 29, 1929

        I was standing outside on the sidewalk waiting for the food kitchen. I had been without work for about two weeks now and lost all my money when the market crashed. On October 29, 1929 the stalk market plummeted and sent many of us less wealthy people into a intense state of poverty. I was making good money though when I had a job. I was working for Mr. Henry Ford at his factory making about five dollars a day. I bought my self a new Model T and had invested in a bunch of stocks on credit that was sure to make money. When that awful day came I owed about five thousand dollars to the bank.  Now i'm sure that you can guess but i did not have five thousand dollars. So a month later here i am...  #Poverty #NotFair #Cold #MillionsOfPPLButStillAlone


June 15, 1932

          This is my buddy and I sharing a shack with a couple other families right outside a Ford Motor factory. I have been unemployed for about two years now and absolutely have nothing left. Everyday my friend and I walk to the food shelter with work signs on our back begging for some type of work to support ourselves. It is absolute hell! And the question on everyones mind is, "where is the government?"... #NotBlessed #PassTheSoup #GetMeOutOfHere #Help


April 18, 1935

         It has been five years since I've had a steady job making a monthly salary. President Roosevelt and his advisors have focused on getting the American economy back up and putting millions of people back to work. Roosevelt created this new government idea called "The New Deal" and this allows millions to go get a paying job to help others and the community! when I heard of this, I ran to the nearest place to sign up and I am currently working or a project called the WPA. I thought since I worked with cars in the motor industry that I could be useful in the WPA, building up houses and painting artwork around the city. I make about two bucks a day, but hey something is better than nothing. We all truly owe Roosevelt our lives.

August 15, 1940

        It has been a long and miserable journey since the depression. It is ten years later and I have a gorgeous family, and i am now working for myself. I have started building homes around the community. The government really gave me the opportunity to start over and learn new strategies on how to be supportive in the community and care for others. The government brought everyone back together in America threw this crisis, they saw something that was terrible and took it and formed it to their advantage to help the people. If America can keep this mind set to help each other out in a time of need we will be once again a prosperous country.

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