Andres Marchan Espinoza

College Project #ACESL6


1. Letter of Intent

2. Embedded Video

3. College Application:

4. Letter of Recommendation

5. Presentation / Presi

6. FAFSA Form (Paper Copy)

Letter of Intent

Dear Air Force Academy Principal:                                             4/29/15 El Paso Texas

Send you this message to inform you about because I would like to enter to the Air Force since simper to been one of my goals to fight or defend my country when the need it.
For my the Air Force is not only a labour fight but to be able to put up my country and defend what is mine or so it's all people from the same country.
I simper and dear but also to help our country.

Letter of Recommendation

Dear Air Force Academy Principal:                                            5/1/15 El Paso Tx

I am writing this letter to recommend a colleague Ismael Garcia because for the years that we were together I can assure you that the would a good election-that the academy had it so I ask you to take into account as the serious a student excellent for their how much great principles and values with many more things that you yourself will have to see to believe and know that you are a person worth.

College Major & Activities Prezi

FAFSA (Financial Aid)

Air Force                                                                                       El Paso Tx.

In this message I'd give it a Rason know why I would like to get the scholarship. Honor to be a part of the air force and for me that would mean that I for my effort I could earn that right will be in air force.

Tanks for you time.

Scholarship Letter

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