Niman Ranch and the Network of Farmers

Niman Ranch is a company that is nearly fifty years old. Founded in a small eleven-acre ranch in a town just north of San Francisco, California, Niman Ranch became a local favorite for their beef. They used humane husbandry methods of caring for their cattle and provided all natural feeds. Niman Ranch believes that when an animal is raised humanely, they produced a far superior meat.

It was not until 1995 that Niman Ranch came in contact with Paul Willis of Thornton, Iowa. Niman Ranch’s principles of raising animals the humane way, lined up with the way Willis was raising his hogs. Looking to get into the pork industry, Niman Ranch and Willis were able to strike a deal and was a match made in meat heaven. Though many consider their ways old fashion, their success shows them to be procedures that are worth it. Their hogs are top of the line and used one hundred percent.

Today the Niman Ranch network of independent farmers and ranchers cumulates to over seven hundred in all of America. Through these farms, Niman Ranch raising hogs, cattle and lamb. They have protocols on all of their farms in order to maintain their all-natural, humane, and sustainable methods to produce the best possible flavor. Their animals are never given antibiotics or additional hormones. The animals are fed the finest vegetarian feeds and never given animal by-product. Together, Niman Ranch and their network of farms have become the largest network of family farmers and ranchers in the United States.

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