Political Impact of the Industrial Revolution

By Cha$e Bolden

The Chartist Movement

The Chartism Movement was the first movement driven by working classes. It grew following the failure of 1832 Reform Act to extend the vote beyond those owning property. The Chartists had 6 Demands.

1. All men have the right to vote.

2. Voting should take place by secret ballot.

3. Parliamentary elections every year, not once every five years.

4. Legislative body should have equal amount of members.

5. The Parliament Members should be paid.

6. The property qualification for becoming a Member of Parliament should be abolished.

Reform Act of 1832

The Reform Act was an act of Parliament to take an effect in the choice of the members who serve Common's House of Parliament.

Factory Acts of 1833

A quote from the Factory Acts of 1833 is "There shall be allowed... not less than one and a half hours for meal."

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