By: Amanda McKillip hour 2

Capital- Sucre

Currency- Bolivian boliviano

Languages- Spanish, Aymara, Guaraní, Leco, Chiquitano

Neighbor countries- Peru, Argentina

Famous sites- Tiwanaka, Plaza Murillo, Laguna Verde

Food/ Drink- rice, wheat, corn, beef, pure fruit juices, sodas

Population- 10,671,200 people

Climate- hot, sunny, rainy, humid forests, can be chilly in the middle of the day

Expressions- estaba bien mula-he was very drunk

                      -  estoy camote de ella- I am in love with her

                      - hoy estoy yesca- today I am broke

Sites I used- Google images, Veinte,,, Wiki


A Cool Place

A swampy land of Bolivia.

They can have lots of swampy places deep in the forests. Its very muddy, humid and wet. I really like the way it looks like the way the sun touches the water if gives it a really cool color.

A Map

A map of Bolivia.

Bolivia is not a small country but not very big country either I would say its about an average size. Not a beach kinda place but still pretty cool place. I found this picture on Google images.

Their Flag

Flag of Bolivia.

The flag of Bolivia. The red stands for there brave soldiers. The green symbolizes fertility, and the yellow is the nations mineral deposits.

Just Cooling Off

Really cool waterfall.

This is a really cool site there well its not official but lots of people jumps from the top of the waterfall or they will just stand there near the water like in this picture #selfie.

A Slice of History

A famous Historian from Bolivia.

Its Thursday so #throwback not to be mean but this guy is old and what I mean by saying that is he knows a lot about Bolivia. He is like the big guy there he knows everything there that has to do with history if I ever have a question I know were to go.

This picture is in a desert in Bolivia so people don't like really hot places like me but they are still really cool to a least look at at like this one.

Hot and Dry

Desert in Bloivia.

This last picture is soccer they love soccer. This one player is pretty famous Erwin Sánchez he is pretty good at the sport that's not him in the picture down there but still hes good. That guy down there is someone that's really good at soccer tricks I'm really bad at soccer but this awesome.

Some Fun in Bolivia

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