By: Alec Miller


Ecthyma is mostly caused by the bacteria streptococcus. In some cases, the bacteria staphylococcus can cause the skin infection. The infection may start to grow due to a scratch that is open or an insect bite.


Ecthyma can be transmitted through clinically normal sheep or sick animals. Ecthyma can also be transmitted through direct contact.

How Contagious?

The Ecthyma virus is highly contagious through direct contact. It is not airborne but can also be caused through scratches where the bacteria infects the cut or scratch and even a bite.


The contagious ecthyma is usually self-limiting. Treatment are given through surgery, medicine, and even cryotherapy. These treatment only shorten the duration of this virus.


Occurs as a single lesions or multiple lesions. The lesion is small, firm, and is red or blue at the site of the virus. Larger lesions occur more to people who are immunosuppressed.


The disease is on a duration time of itself. Surgeries are given to go and take out the portion of the ecthyma, but only the speed up the duration. Cryotherapy is said to be another big success.


Treatment mainly consists of moist dressings. It is self limiting, so only treatment is given to speed the process.

Treatment Success

The treatments are always successful in providing support to help get the person out of the disease. Time is the main process in handling the treatment for all the patients who are diagnosed with the skin disease of ecthyma.

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