Career Research Project

Courtnie Wright, Lawyer

Professional Requirements:

Convey information in clear, concise and logical manner

Communicate persuasively

Advocate a position or cause

Master legal terminology

Develop keen listening skills

Education Requirements

Professional or Doctors degree

La Verne University

Over half of the students graduate within 6 years.  To live on campus is cheap for the location at $34,604. Financial aid is offered for those who are interested.  The 3 most popular majors at the university are; business/ marketing, social sciences, and education.  They offer online programs for the students who wish to take them.  The university is only 35 miles away from Los Angeles, CA.  The campus is a commuter one.  This means that they don't live on college campus.  The campus has many different places to go, including a library and a greenhouse.

There are many things you need to even be considered of being excepted.  4 of the 7 are; acidmeic GPA, application essay, extracurricular activities, and recomendations.  The SAT score you need to recieve is 460-570.  For the ACT the scores you need are 20-25.  Your test scores are one of the most important things that can get you into this university, or not.  

What I Live By

The quote I choose to live by is, "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game,".  This quote has helped me realize that there may be failures in everything I do but, that doesn't mean I shouldn't try.  I heard this about 5 years ago.  There was nothing out of the ordinary happening in my life at this time.  Now that I'm getting older and thinking about my future, it is really helping me.  This philosophy can be applied in many situations, such as; if your scared to go down a water slide.  You might hate it and cry but, you'll never know until you try.

My Role Model

My role model is my mother.  My mom is almost exactly like me, just 22 years wiser.  She is very funny and easygoing.  My mom is always considerate of others.  She is important to me not only because she is my mom but, because she is always there to listen to me and whenever I need something she never hesitates.  She is always very supportive of my wishes and dreams for the future. I can always trust my mom, with anything.  

She is influential in my life because she is supportive.  She has never told me that I couldn't do something.  When her and I talk about my future, she is very helpful and supportive.  She doesn't try to persuade anything other than what I want.  She is very honest with her opinions though, she won't tell me just what I want to hear.  If my mom wasn't there like she is now, I would probably have no clue what I would want to do with my future.

"Lawyer Tirelessly Defended Books, Films"

Edward de Grazia was a lawyer who defended many books that were told to be unsuitable.  He fought for what he thought was right.  He also fought for many playwrights that were told to be inappropriate.  The books and plays he fought for were about real life things like drug addictions and cancer.  Mr. de Grazia was 86 when he passed away and he fought for many literature he thought were great pieces through his life.  Some of the famous films and books he defended were; "Tropic of Cancer" by Henry Miller,  and the famous Swedish film, "I am Curious (Yellow)".He had gone to many colleges and received many awards and degrees from the colleges he went to.  He used to describe himself as, a "defender of dangerous books and films".

This helps me understand my career better because now I know more of what a lawyer can do for the people.  Not everything has to be defending people.  He defended books and did a marvelous job.  This opens up many more doors to what I can do with my career in the future.  

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