jamal Edwards

Jamal Edward is 23 years old and is a rapper and became popular on YouTube with his small company run by small amateur team  from a beginner on film making he has now become popular, Jamal Edwards company is called sb.tv global ltd also known as smokeyBarz. Jamal Edwards YouTube channel was created in November 2nd 2008.

Jamal Edwards used good planning to set up his YouTube channel and to get together with a bunch of his friends ( who are in his YouTube channel ) and he started sharing the video around the whole world.

Jamal Edwards is creative because at the age of 16, Jamal Edwards founded sb.Tv which he still runs as ceo. What started as a uk online urban music channel has quickly grown into an innovative and exciting music and lifestyle media platform with global reach.

Jamal Edwards is innovation because not many people start their own YouTube channel at the age of 15 so this means he is determine to became popular on YouTube his got over 150 thousands subscribers.

Jamal Edwards is risk taking because he never got popular for nothing he earned it and slowly became popular he is role models to people now. he does not get rest he has to work 24/7.

Jamal Edwards has determination because from a beginner at YouTube  he has now became a success his group and him are gone really popular on youtube.   




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