Too much candy is junk

Candy is tasty.  But candy is JUNK!  There's different types of candy, such as jellybeans, lollipops, m&ms and and other types of candy. It is filled with sugar, sugar and more sugar, that is why it's UNhealthy.  Candy can also have lots of fat like in chocolate bars. Eating too much fat is bad for your heart and can make you unhealthy.

They add chemicals to candy to help keep it's shape, to make it last long in packages in the stores and, they add certain types of things to give it color such as there's something called cochinel  which is added to some drinks and candy that have red color.  The red color comes from tiny bugs that live on cactus plants.   The bugs are a red color that are crushed and used to color things red. Do you really want to put bugs and fake chemicals in your body? Too much candy andsugar will also cause cavities and other health problems like diabetes. Sugar gives you energy for a while but doesn't last long and you can crash.  There is healthier sugar, such as in fruits and vegetables. Those are better and don't give you cavities. Let's make healthier choices for our bodies.

Also if you are eating candy everyday then you might not be eating enough healthy things like fruits, vegetables and protein because your body is full from all the sugar and fat. The more sugary and fatty things you eat the more you want to eat them, so they are addictive. We should only eat candy once in a while because it is not doing anything good for our growing bodies and can cause many diseases.

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