Sadie Hornung-Scherr

In high school, in order to become President you should take political science clasess. You would probably want to join the speech team

In college you should get a  political science magor or doctrite. You would want to go to a college with high standings like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or any Ivy League college.

As president your number one goal is to  serve the U.S.A. You are servant of the people. You try to make our country better.  You start foundations. Make important political decisions.  You meet people. You go places. You help the people of the United States. And you make the U.S.A a better place

The president gets about $400,00 a yea

If I become the president I will try to find a cure to Type 1 Diabetes. I will start better school systems. I will start a organization against child obesity. I will start a health care plan for people who don't have have enough money to buy healthcare. This job is in the business cluster.

this is George Wash

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