Mobile Learning

For Secondary Education

Interactive poster making site

You can use it to:

  • Assign 20-1 IB History students to create a timeline of the French Revolution
  • Make a poster about comma usage for a grade seven English class      

  A collection of apps for reviewing material: create study guides, flashcards, quizzes, interactive media and more.   

You can use it to:

  • Have students create their own study guide for Life of Pi in ELA 20-1
  • Make flash cards of French verbs -er -ir -re for a junior high French class

A website that comes up with random writing prompts

You can use it to:

  • Give grade nine English students bi-weekly ten minute writing assignments to help prepare for the PAT
  • Get ideas on how to plan for short creative writing tasks at the start of class for grade seven English

An online discussion forum limited to 140 characters per posting (or tweet)

You can use it to:

  • Split an ELA 30-1 class into groups to make twitter accounts for Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Collins, Jane Bennet, and Caroline Bingley. Have them partake in #PrideandPrejudice30-1    
  • Allow students and parents to follow an account made for a grade eight class for updates on class activities and due dates

  A website that helps you build infographics.

You can use it to:

  • Get Social Studies 10-1 students to create an infographic about the demographics of a foreign country
  • Share voting statistics in Canada with a 30-1 Social Studies class   

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