Comparing The Memoirs

By: Whittney and Kevin

  • Declarative Sentence: Then the Lorry stopped, and we saw a large door, and above it a sign, brightly illuminated (its memory still strikes me in my dreams): Arbeir Macht Frei, work gives freedom.
  • Meaning: This is when they reach the gates of the infamous concentration camp Aushwitz. In this sentence he conveys that they are entering the place he still gets nightmares about in his adult life.Imperative Sentence

Declarative Sentence:

    ~ "I can't go on... This is the end... I'm going to die here...."

    ~ Meaning: This happened when they first entered the concentration camp. They were waiting to get in the showers but Wiesel's father fell over in the snow and made this statement to his son.


Interrogative Sentence:

     ~ "Don't shout, son... Take pity on your old father... Leave me to rest here... Just for a bit, I'm so tired... at the end of my strength...."

     ~ Meaning: Wiesel's father commanded him to not shout at him because he just wanted some rest and so the the guards won't come.


Interrogative Sentence:

     ~ "Father! I've been looking for you for so long... Where were you?... Did you sleep?... How do you feel?"

     ~ Meaning: After leaving his father, outside in the snow, to go inside away from the harsh elements, Wiesel returned to his father the next morning. He asked his father many questions about his health status so he could know if he was okay.


Exclamatory Sentence:

     ~ "Son, they keep hitting me!"

     ~ Meaning: Over time, his father got worse from his illness for being deprived from required nutrition, hygiene, and treatment. His block-mates would taunt his father by hitting him, talking about him, and calling him names because he was weak. From this quote, you can feel the emotion and hopelessness when his father yells to him.



     ~ There are many themes that are expressed throughout Night. The themes that are included throughout the text are: despair, or the loss of hope, the relationship between father and son, and the act of dehumanizing people.

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