• Which religious conflict did you research?

Israel and Palestine

  • Which religions are involved in this specific conflict?

the Jewish and the Muslims

  • Where did this conflict take place? (region, country, or countries)

in the state of israel

  • What is the population breakdown for each religion involved in the conflict?

jewish there is 582700 in 2005 and 2409oo in 2005 in

  • What are the dominant religions in this region or country? Why might this be?

it is Jewsish and Muslim religions that are the dominant in israel

  • How are these religions involved in this conflict different (beliefs and practices)?

they want the same part of land

  • How and when did the conflict begin?

Nov 2 ,1917

  • What is the basis of the conflict? What is causing tension between these groups?

they want the same part of land jerusalem

  • Have attempts been made to make peace? Explain what has happened.

yes their has been

  • Have others (ones not involved in the conflict) tried to help bring about a truce? Why?

yes others have got involved to have peace

  • What is the prospect for peace? Is this conflict likely to continue? Explain your reasoning.

no i dont think so

  • If the conflict continues, might it expand to include others? Who?

no the promblem is between only two

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