Frozen. Top, or bottom?

Disney's new movie, Frozen, has hit the world by storm. Frozen is the number one movie on the market. Little girls and boys have fallen in love with the movie, costing their parents hundreds of dollars in merchandise. For one little movie, it sure has changed the world!

The movie currently has over $330 million, and the number is still climbing drastically. Most little girls love it for Elsa, the ice queen.

The big debate is whether or not to make a second. The movie has had two Oscar nominations. Plus, Disney World has released that they will have a Frozen ride by 2016. With this movie chilling the nation, little girls all over have been fussing over it. Is it really worth it? With Finding Dorie coming out in 2015, Frozen 2 sure could have some trouble in the marketing, if Finding Dorie is as good as Finding Nemo. Will Frozen make a sequel? What do you think?!

Frozen has sold 3.2 million blu-ray discs in one single day, the very first day that the movie came out. Frozen has made $347 million in the U.S. and $462 million internationally. Frozen is ranked #2 in the box office,having the movie in 3,742 theaters. In fact, Elsa is the number one Halloween costume!

This movie has clearly changed the world in one way or another. I have a five-year-old friend who actually believes Elsa and Anna are real.

Survey Results

People have said things like "Yes!(Do you like Frozen) Who doesn't?!" and for the question How many timess have you seen Frozen "Many wonderful times". Someone also I guess got sick of Frozen. Can you blame them? They ansewered What's your favorite song in Frozen "The movie sucks get over it." The majority liked the song "Let it Go." Out of the twenty-four that took the survey, two hated the movie, and the people that actually answered the questions instead of insulting it chose these songs the least, "Fixer Upper, Love is an Open Door, In Summer, and For the First Time In Forever."

Obviously, Frozen is the top movie this year. By far the best movie Disney has made. Thank you!


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