Percent of Change of  the Price of Uggs    

How the original price of Uggs change in 1978 to 2014

Uggs have been around for a long time and there still really popular today . Uggs have change a lot of the years the style the company and the thing i want to talk about today the price . Everyone knows that ugss are nice and soft and perfect for the winter but they also know that they are pretty expensive and i want to know why the cost of these shoes have gone up so much in the 36 years .

Do you think the price of the uggs have changed over the years ? Here is all the facts that you need to know to answer the question .

Average Price for Uggs in 1978

$ 150 dollars

Average Price for Uggs in 2014

$220 dollars

Here you can see that the price of the uggs have change over the years by $46.67 dollars

I that 46.67 is not as big of change has you would thought after reading the title of this project but 0.4667 % of growth after all those years is great ,  it has shown that the company the people who started uggs have group a lot in not just style and areas but the price and it show that yes uggs are expensive for some but that they have been staying strong over the years .

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Here's are the links to the sources i used :

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