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Teaching with Assistive Technology in Mind

Consider how you can incorporate curriculum, instruction and technology to make it easier for your students with laptops to participate fully in your lessons.

Program Planning

Assistive or Advanced Technology software can be a teacher's best friend...

Have digital media ready to support your program: When creating learning materials or assessments, create a KESI format file and save it directly to a shared folder that students can access. With one small step, you're providing an access point for students to utilize during and after your lessons. You can also download files or information from the internet that you plan to use and save it as a file to be opened in Kurzweil.

Tech while you Teach: Using your headset and Dragon Naturally Speaking, you could dictate your lesson as you go, providing a transcript copy of the lesson for your students to review. Did you know that Kurzweil can be used to teach the reading process? By using the program you can model good reading strategies for the whole class on the projector: Reā€reading, Highlighting important information and Checking vocabulary words, can all be modelled for the whole class.

Most of all...

Provide Opportunities: Allow students freedom to use their laptops as much as possible. Spend some time training them to use organizational and note-taking programs like OneNote. Students can quickly and easily set up notebooks to use for any subject, and can extract information and media from almost anywhere to include in their notes. Students can often make use of digital texts that are available including novels, and text books. Encourage students to use note-taking software in conjunction with digital textbooks to study for tests.

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