Overthinking? Can really get you somewhere !

Michelle goforth

born: Sep. 6th 1766

Died: July 26th 1844

In the early 1800s Dalton explored a loser look at gases. In 1803 Daltons law of  "partial pressures" the early 1800s also led to thermal expansion.

Random facts:

1.) never got married

2.) colored blind like his brother

3.) daltinism - also known as color blindness

4.) attended Quaker school in Cumberland

Scientific facts:

1.) Daltons first access to a lab was because he was a president of Manchester

2.) Daltons atomic theories were quickly found out by community without few objectives.

3.) in his theories; the atoms in an element are exactly same size and weight.

4.) his theory examined compositions and compounded (explaining the tiny particles being in a compound are compound atoms)

5.) Dalton wrote about his experiments, about atoms consistently combining in simple ratios.

6.) Dalton wrote about his beliefs that the different elements could be universally distinguished based on atomic weight.

7th period

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