Golden Rulers(Olivia & Alexa 4th prd)

Crown: To symbolize the monarchy that we overthrew.

Dark Blue Stripes: To represent that we will not let anyone take our FREEDOM away from us without a fight.

Baby Blue: To symbolize the loyalty to our people.

Yellow: To symbolize the joy that our country brings to people knowing that they are FREE.

The Golden Rulers

                                                                 The Truth To Living

            "Die Fighting For What You Believe in or Live Where You are Already Dead"

Propaganda Posters


Article I

The name of this rebellion is the golden rulers.

Article II

The purpose of this rebellion is to show the flaws of The Kingdom of Mawtters. The reason we have come to rebel against The Kingdom of Mawtters is because they say we have equal amounts of power when we really have close to no power.

Article III

Complete commitment to loathe the Kingdom of Mawtters and be willing to risk their lives to help us fight against the cruelties of our “wonderful leaders” for a voice in society. The recommended requirements for a rebel is that they have to be at absolute agreement with overthrowing the Kingdom of Mawtters.

Article IV

Olivia Eagleson will be in charge of this country once we take power. Our type of government is a Democracy which means it ruled by the people or its who you vote for enter office. The way a leader is elected is then run against each other and whomever wins is now in power. If a person affiliated with the government becomes corrupt and evidence is provided then that person will be forced to resign immediately.

Article V

The government is responsible for keeping the country functioning properly and keeping the citizens in golden rulers safe from terrorist.

Article VI

Laws that are going to protect our people are allowed to speak their mind

Our citizens are allowed to protest peacefully

They are allowed to have a lawyer and a jury if ever convicted of a crime

Live as equals

If ever caught doing a crime by police shall be punished to prevent further harm towards oneself and others

The constitution must be followed to keep our citizens safe

Article VII

Our education system will be the finest in the world. Our education will be free so it allows those who don’t have as much money to be well educated like everyone else. Our universities/colleges will have high standards for everyone and will cost 25,000 for every year attended. Those who do not want an education will have to start working ages and earn minimum wage and those with a degree are guaranteed to earn higher than minimum wage.

Article VIII

The crown in our flag represents the monarchy that we overthrew.

Article IX Olivia Eagleson is our figurehead because she will lead us to the freedom that we deserve.

Propaganda Video



If you want to live, come with us

If not then I recommend a bus,

Because your lives are worth more

Than the way they treat you

so join the fight to live your life

Or stay where you are; where you are sure to die

And the day will come where you will realize

That you too must fight

And we shall stand with you

To live the life we desire

And it live another day

Truth Behind the Ministry of Love

The ministry of "love" is the ugly part of Mawtters, the part that they will do anything to hide. The whole idea behind the name is to try to distract people from what they actually were made to do. An example of what they were made to do is if they find someone trying to leave they will send them undisclosed location. At this undisclosed location they will put you in a room with four other individuals without food and water for long periods of time. Finally, when you are basically skin and bones they will remove you from that room and stick you in a room with no light. The only upside is now they feed you. After around 2 weeks the lights come on and one man is sitting in the room with you. However, yours eyes can barely see due to shock so the reason you know it's a man is because of his voice. He will ask you the reason you wanted to leave, and at that point since your eyes can't see him most people won't answer. As soon as he realizes you aren't going to response he will kick you in the side of your ribs until you beg for him to stop. Then he will ask you the same question again, no matter what your answer is he will kick you again. The answer will never be good enough for Mawtters. The only way it will stop before they beat you to death is if you finally say "I never wanted to leave Mawtters it was an accident that I ended up outside I got lost, and couldn't come back in." If they do end up letting you live they will never release you from that institute, they will change your mindset. In the end you will end up loving Mawtters, and being that guy in the room beating up on another helpless victim or what you will call a "traitor."

Figurehead origin story: Olivia Eagleson was born in the kingdom of Mawtters and her father was the definition of a loyal follower to Aadaro. Aadaro is the ruler of Mawtters and does not tolerate any non-loyal followers. So her whole childhood she had to praise Aadaro every time her parents told her to. However, when she hit her teenage. Years something didn't add up like why are we praising someone we never see, and why is only one person in charge of many people. In her adult years she met multiple individuals who felt the same way. As a result she started a rebellion against Mawtters and Aadaro. The reason she is now leading the rebellion is because she is the only person brave enough to speak out about their rebellion and welcome more followers.

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