Class Survey - Jordan

Getting to Know You!

Circle Name: Places & Perspectives Middle School

Khuzama AlMomani

Al Amal School For Special Education


A. Name of teacher: Khuzama AlMomani

B. Grade level: 7, 8,9,10

C. Class favorites (List your class top 5 favorites in each category):

1. Music groups: Selena Gomez, avrel lavigne, Justin bieber, and other singers I never heard about them .

2. Authors: - Ernest Hemingway , Mark Twain

3. TV programs: cartoon, films

4. Foods: Mansaf, Maqlubah, Mlokheia, Pizza.

5. School subjects: math, physics.

6. Sports: table tennis, football.

7. Video or computer games: cars, counter strike

8. Favorite Websites: facebook, youtube.


A. School information

1. Name and address of class and school: Al Amal School For Special Education

2. Number of students in class and school: in every class nearly 5 or 7.

In the school, until now, nearly 100 deaf students.

5. Type and number of computers:20 computers

ACER, Lenovo .

6. School history: the center was founded in the year 1996 by late king Hussein, to help gifted & talented students improve their skills.

B. School program

1. List 3 things about your school program that make it unique.

- Special curriculum to help deaf students to enrich their knowledge & improve their skills.

- Using technology .

- Special activities.

2. List school calendar from the session dates (holidays and special

Events that may affect your participation).

Nothing will affect my participation.


A. Your community

1. Name of your community: Zarka, Its name means "The blue one".

2. If not a city, name and size of nearest city: Amman.

3. Location of your community: located to the northeast of Amman, Its name means "the blue one".

4. The area of your community: 20 sq mi (60 km 2)

5. The population of your community: 395,227.

B. Special characteristics

1. List 3 reasons why people come to visit your area.

- shopping.

- Universities.

- Factories.

2. Describe any unusual land formation found in or near your community.

Zarqa is Jordan's industrial center, located in the Zarqa River basin, is home to over 50% of Jordanian factories.

The first settlement in the city was in 1902 by Chechen immigrants who were displaced from the wars between the Ottoman and Russian Empires. They settled along the Zarqa River. At that time a station on the Hejaz railway was built in the new settlement, this railway station turned Zarqa into an important hub. On April 10, 1905 the Ottoman governor issued a decree that allowed the Chechen immigrants to own lands which they settled on. The population then quickly grew in size. On November 18, 1928 the new Jordanian government issued a decree to establish the first municipal council for Zarqa.

After the Transjordan Frontier Force was formed in 1926, military bases were constructed in the city by the British army, and the city later became known as the "military city". The headquarters of Jordan's Arab Legion was in Zarqa.

C. Industries

List major industries or occupations in your community.

- Food.

- Phosphate.

- Medical equipments.


Please feel free to share any other information about yourself that you think would help us to know you better.

Zarqa is connected by the Hejaz railway to Amman to the south and to Syria to the north. A new railway is currently under construction to connect Amman with Zarqa. Zarqa lies on the international highway that connects Saudi Arabia with Syria, and on the international Amman-Baghdad highway.

There are three universities in Zarqa: Hashemite University, Al-Balqa` Applied University-Zarqa College, and Zarqa Private University