K-12 Mobile Learning Options


Polleverywhere allows students to input their opinions and/or thoughts using their mobile and/or other devices. (laptops,tablets,etc.)

Polleverywhere allows the teacher to post polls for students to vote on or even questions that students are able to comment on.Both Student votes or comments can then be displayed in real time so students can see their input, along with that of their peers.

Google Drive

Google Drive provides educators with a wealth of opportunities within the classroom such as Google Docs. Google Drive allows teachers and students to collaborate with ease, increasing productivity and encouraging a more engaging learning environment.

Google Docs allows students to collaborate on projects much more easily as individual students can access and edit the Google Doc. from individual devices. Google Drive is also available as a mobile app further increasing student access.


Prezi allows for the creation of stunning presentations while increasing both access and collaboration. Prezi allows multiple individuals to access and edit presentations, available online as well as viewable through the mobile app.

Prezi allows students to create and collaborate actively together on group presentations. Prezi allows multiple students to edit presentations, even at the same time. Prezi greatly increases student access and ease of collaboration for students completing group presentations.


Voicethread allows for the sharing of images, videos,  drawings, audio, etc. In addition Voicethread also allows for others to access what you have shared and comment upon it.

Voicethread makes it possible for students to share presentations or class discussions with their peers from other classes, allowing students to learn from the comments of students from other classes. This type of collaboration increases student engagement and learning opportunities by introducing the views, ideas, and opinions of their peers from other classes, schools, or even countries.

Virtual Frog Dissection for Ipad

This app allows for virtual, interactive dissection of a frog that could be utilized within biology classes.

The app allows students to interactively dissect a frog using an iPad. This app may allow teachers to provide students with a dissection lab even if available resources do not allow for students to dissect real frogs during a lab. This app could also be utilized as an introduction activity to familiarize students with the upcoming task before they begin their dissection.

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