Customer Service Skills

1. Patience- always have patience with the customer.
2. Attentiveness- listen to what the customer is saying.
3. Clear Communication Skills- speak in an orderly manner, do not mumble or ramble.
4. Knowledge of the Product- always know how the product works.
5. Ability to Use Positive Language- language is a part of persuasion and the customers notice the language that you use.
6. Acting Skills- always maintain an happy personality.
7. Time Management Skills- there is a limit and you need to be concerned with getting customers what they want in an efficient manner.
8. Ability to "Read" Customers- pay attention to their current mood, patience or even their personality.
9. A Claiming Presence- keeping your cool and even staying cool under pressure.
10. Goal Oriented Focus- business goals+ customer happiness can work hand-in-hand without resulting in poor service.
11. Ability to Handle Surprises- find an employer or manager to answer a question that the customer asked but you couldn't answer it.
12. Persuasion Skills- being convincing towards the customers
13. Tenacity-the ability of being able to grip something firmly
14.Closing Ability-this means being able to end the conversation with the customer
15. Willingness to Learn- improve what you do by helping customers or marketing businesses

*Some of the factors that influence customer expectations of customer service:
-Past Experiences
-Personal Needs

*Customer Service in the Pre-Sale:
-To obtain or maintain data of customers
-Gain product knowledge
-Stay abreast of the market

*Customer Service in the Post- Sale:
-To ensure satisfaction, call, card, email
-Handle inquirer and complaints, keep customers satisfies
-Ask for referrals
-Keeping a client file
-Evaluate sales efforts

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