Curley's Wife
Lust, Isolated, Flirtatious

All I wanted was...

Someone to talk to

Be an actress in Hollywood

A good relationship with my husband

A life that I would have been happy with

But I didn't want to...

Marry an abusive man

Stay inside all the time

Have my neck broken

To be dead.

Character Development

Curley's wife doesn't develop a lot in the story. She may have been a little more realistic, not so much of a dreamer anymore, but she was still that same flirty lady! Some things that people may not have known about her (Unless they read the book) is that she wanted to be a famous actress. She wanted to live in Hollywood and have a lot of money and fame. Unfortunately, she married an abusive man who didn't let her do anything.

Character Interactions

The three characters that I will be choosing are Lennie, Slim, and Crooks. Curley's wife treats Lennie good at first, but then she gets mad because Lennie won't let go of her hair. She treats Slim the way she treats most guys, very flirtatious and mysterious. She treats Crooks very badly because he's black and she even threatens him. Overall, I think she treats some people better because of their appearance and/or race.

How does Curley's wife affect the plot?

Curley's wife affects the plot when Lennie kills her. If she hadn't been with Lennie, he probably would have still been alive or if she never talked about how she also loves touching soft things and how her hair is very soft and silky, they would have both still been alive. I think this affected the book a lot because it caused two deaths.

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