by Madeline Monaco, Madison Crabtree, Dylan Pursley and Jordan Garner

What is an animal that is a bird but cant fly? The penguin is an interesting bird, and in this paragraph i will teach you ALOT of awesome fun facts about penguins.

Squid is a penguins favorite food.

Diet: The penguins eats krill. To catch krill, penguins have to swoop down and snatch it with their beak. Did you know a mommy penguin regurgitates into a baby's mouth because a baby penguin is not old enough to hunt by itself. Some penguins feed at sea. Sometimes a penguin waits at sea for food to jump up to hunt it down.

Antarctica !!!!!!!!!!

Habitat: Most penguins live in the Western Coast of South America! Here is an amazing fun fact about the penguin habitat, only some penguins live in Antarctica! the high is about 1,000-2,000 penguins! But that is not very much. In the Western Coast of South America has about 5,000 penguins! Now that is a lot!!!!!!!!!! Peru and Chile, that means a country of Southwest, South America with a long pacific coastline. Did you know only 20 penguins live on a rocky coast!!!!!


A penguin becomes hyper when human approaches. Did you know a penguins belly Blends in with the water so it wont eat it. Also, when they are swimming, penguins are caution for predators.


some people eat penguin meat, witch might make penguins go extinct, we don't want that to happen because penguins are the most loving animals in the world! Another threat is penguin eggs, penguins eggs are very prized and very valuable. Also, oil spills can instantly kill a penguin.


1. penguins are aquatic

2.penguins are found in the southern part of the hemisphere

3. penguins feathers are water proof

4. their eyes work better than people

5. they spend most of their lives under water


Therefore, you should think a penguin is the most interesting animal. Our facts list things we know, research and want to share with you.These are all of the facts we have researched. lets review, first, we taught you about the penguins diet, next, we taught you about the penguins habitat, then, I taught you about their threats and their conservation.


1. Did you know baby Emperor penguins are born completely covered in gray plumage!

2. Baby penguins are different sizes depending on their specie and their physical characteristics are adapted to their habitat.

3.The most popular penguin is the Adele penguin.

4. Due to the warm temperature, where the penguins live, they don't engage to the migration progress.



. physical characteristics


.gray plumage


.natural habitat

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