Hello my name is Katie. I love  playing   volleyball and playing tennis

This is one of my top sports that I play.

                  My favorite things
* the color blue
* white tigers
* volley ball and tennis
* 80's music
* Roses
* almost ever Disney movie
* winter

Blue roses two of my favorite things combined in to one.

They are just so amazing!

This is Billy Joel one of the best musician in the 80's, and I am so glad I got to see him in concert.

Isn't winter beautiful.

                 What my family is like.

My sister is in college with a good job as a lifeguard. My parents are both in the same range of expertise accounting. My dad is a relationship manager for chase, and my mom works on taxes, finances, shipping orders for her work. Then I am a 7th grader working on school work, and playing volleyball and tennis. While keeping up on her instrument to be the best oboist (oboe player) I can be, and that's me and my family.

                  Have a nice day. :)