Oxygen is such an attractive element but is it also sweet?

A breath of Fresh Air

Oxygen's atomic number is 8 and has an atomic mass of 15.999 AMU's
Oxygen's atomic number is 8, and has an atomic mass of 15.999 AMU's

Oxygen takes up 21% of our air and is the most abundant element in the Earth's crust.

Oxygen has 8 protons, neutrons, and electrons

You could say a physical property of oxygen is that it's attractive...

Oxygen is in many things such as sugar, water, and sand.

Is it really the oxygen that makes sugar taste so sweet?

Is oxygen really a sweet tasting element?

Oxygen went to his friend Sulfur next-door to ask if he was sweet.


It was North of all boundaries far above Neon.  The only way to get Helium to bond with you is if you can make him laugh.

Oxygen had crossed to border into Canada.

Oxygen in a liquid state

Helium bursted into laughter and bonded with Oxygen.

As Helium detached from Oxygen, Oxygen didn't react.

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