Get a banana

get sexy

No good sir, a banana does not make the sexy.

If a banana isn't the sexiest of fruits, color me aquamarine.  First, tell me what color aquamarine is, then color me.  Bathe me in your color.  A banana is the peak of sexual fruitonomy.  Sexual Fruitonomy doesn't really exist, but it sounds impressive.  If you are able to work it into a casual conversation, you're bound to get some panties wet and others in a wad.  Just look at the Chiquita Banana woman.  It's sexual baby.  Whoooooa.  I'd hit the Chiquita Banana chick if she was real.  I'd get her and Aunt Jemima on my couch with a nice pinot.  Then I'd invite the Quaker Oats guy [now that he's a svelte sonofabitch] for the double team supreme.

Sexy = Banana

Banana = Chiquita Banana woman

Banana Pancakes = Aunt Jemima

[slim] Quaker Oats Guy = Wingman

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, your honorable Judge Judy, and the humble masses gathered before me.  I give you, banana does make the sexy.  Cops are pigs.

Tackk it up!