5 Photo Story

Story by Shaina Kriener Photos by Nicole Jensen

I woke up from my 3 hour nap, and I noticed it looked really nice outside. I saw Jackson laying out there all by himself, so I ran outside and sat by him. "What are you doing, bud? Want to go for a walk?" He got up and started wagging his tail back and forth. I think that's a yes! So I got his leash and my fishing pole, and we started walking out of my yard onto the road!

We had walked a couple miles, and then we got to this bridge. We decided to take a little break because we were both very tired. There was this little spot where we could sit, so we sat down and just looked at the scenery. I got out my fishing pole, and my dog picked out a worm for me. I put it on the hook, and then I threw my fishing line in the water.

We were sitting there for about 20 minutes with no bites. It was really boring. We were going to call it quits, but then finally, I felt a little tug. I yanked it in, and out it came! "Yeah, Jackson! We got a fish!!" I pulled it up to us and took it off the hook. Not a bad one! I didn't have any water to put it in, so I just decided to throw it back into the water! After I threw it back, we got up and started to walk back home.

As we were walking, I saw this red, abandoned barn back in the trees. I have always wanted to go in there and just scope it out. I looked at Jackson, and he looked back at me. I think he wanted to go look at it, too. Why not? So we started walking back there. I got my flash light out on my phone so we could see where we were going. It was a little scary, but it was sweet!

I looked out the back window in the barn, and saw some cows laying out there. Once Jackson saw them, he started barking really loud and uncontrollably. "Stop that, Jackson!" I tried pulling him away, but he kept trying to run over there. "I said no!" I yanked on his leash, and then he finally started following after me. Once we got home, I took his leash off of his collar and then went inside. I don't know why, but I was exhausted!

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