Life in the North During the Civil War

My name is Kelsie Wentz. The year is 1863. I am 28 years old. I live in Chicago, Illinois. My husband, Pete is off fighting for the Union along with our friends Patrick, Brendon, and Dallon. Pete and Patrick are stationed together in New York. I live with my two children and my parents.

Day 1.

This Morning, I got up very early to sweep the house, do the dishes, make breakfast, and make my children's beds. In the afternoon, I made lunch, picked vegetables from the garden, made dinner, and did dishes. I did a couple things today to help with the stress of the war. I mailed some of the vegetables that I picked today to Pete. I also found some blankets that we don't need anymore and I sent them down to a station for Union soldiers.

Day 2.

Dear Pete,

Hi, I miss you dearly. I have heard about the Battle of Fort Sumter. I hope you are okay. I hope you got the vegetables I sent for you. I'm sure that you are having a tough time with all of the deaths around around you. The children are getting very tall. Marie is up to my shoulders already. Ann is is up to my hips. It's crazy to think that you've been gone for a year and a half already. Stay safe. I love you.


Day 3.

Today, I got up to find that the front door was open. I was scared  to death that the children were missing. Thankfully, they were sleeping soundly in their beds. Nothing was missing, so I figured the wind just blew open the door. I decided that the children and I should do something fun, so we played games all day, aside from me quickly fixing lunch and dinner. We had too much meat for us to eat, so we took it to the soldiers. They were very thankful, but one of them asked if I could spare another blanket, so I went home and found one that we didn't absolutely need. Since I was making another trip, I decided to bring some water with me. The soldiers kept thanking me over and over again.

Day 4.

Dear Kelsie and Family,

I miss you all more than you could ever know. I did get the food you sent me. Thank you so much. I shared some with Patrick and we are so appreciative. I can't wait to see you again. I think that I'll be able to come home in about at year. It saddens me to think about how big the children have gotten. I have missed out on part of their lives and its hard to think about. The only thing that keeps me going is getting to see you again. I did not participate in the Battle of Fort Sumter. However, I did fight in the Battle of Gettysburg. It is known as the bloodiest battle yet. I'm okay though. Luckily, I was in the back of the lineup so I didn't have to be shooting for long.

Day 5.

Today I am very excited. I found out that Abraham Lincoln has been elected president. After a long fight to win, Abraham Lincoln won the election. I cannot explain how happy I am. Maybe, Pete will be able to come home even sooner now. President Lincoln was the best candidate.

John C. Breckenridge was Lincoln's main opponent. Breckenridge is a huge supporter of slavery. If he would have been elected president, the south would have more support than the north. The whole country could have had slavery. That is just awful to think about. To think, my neighbors and friends could have gotten slaves.

Lincoln was the better candidate for several reasons. The main one is obvious, he didn't support slavery. He believes that the common man can do just at much as anyone else.  You don't have to be really well educated and wealthy to make a change. Anyone can make a difference no matter what your background is.

I saw several newspaper headlines about the election. The most popular one is "Lincoln Elected President" or "President Who Doesn't Support Slavery Elected".

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