New York’s Best Inexpensive Food

New York City is well known for its culinary achievements and excellent restaurants. New York is also known for being an incredibly expensive city to live and visit. With fine dining comes high costs but if you know where to go, that might not always be the case. Here is two of New York City’s best most inexpensive food that you will want to try.

• Vanessa's Dumping House serves five dumplings, fried or steamed for one dollar. If you want vegetarian dumplings, you have to spend two bucks. Two bucks will also get you eight dumplings, and additional 50 cents gets you a delicious sesame pancake the size of a pizza slice. There aren't many seats at Vanessa's, so you have to get lucky sometimes because this place can get packed at nights. They have to locations, one in Williamsburg, and another in the Lower East Side.

• Artichoke is a one of the cities most famous places to get a cheap, but filling slice of pizza. The name comes from their signature slice that is a slice covered in spinach and artichoke with cheese smothered. The place is always packed and while you wait you might as well have a beer. Artichoke has two locations in the lower half of Manhattan.

Ian Renner New York is a professional set designer in Los Angeles, California. He is originally from New York, grew up there and received a degree in film studies with an emphasis in set design while going to school in New York. As a student in the city, finding cheap but the delicious food was important to him, especially considering he is a fine taste for good food.

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