Frankenstein Vocabulary

Sam Page


Video games are an obsession for some teens while others play only once in a while.

Syn: passion Ant: hatred


The dog was agitated because the babies kept pulling his ears.

Syn: beat Ant: calm

Toiled- hard and continuos work; exhausting labor or effect.

In west Java workers toil in the onion fields under police guard.

Syn: slave Ant: lazy


Gargoyles are intentionally grotesque, perhaps in an effort to dispel evil spirits.

Syn: Strange Ant: Regular


The children were feverish because Santa Clause was coming to their school tomorrow.

Syn: inflamed Ant: chilled


If you are convulsing, you are probably having a seizure.

Syn: Uncontrollable Ant: Gentle


The old museum got devoured in flames.

Syn: absorb Ant: Create



It is a very important part of the human anatomy, and without it, no one could survive.

Syn: biology Ant: Connection


The boy picked up the gnarled tree branch and threw it for the dog to catch.

Syn: contorted Ant: Straight


She shunned me because I was the smartest one in the class.

Syn: despise Ant: like

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