VASS Pages Mid-April 2014 Sales Bonus!

SELL BIG = EARN BIG!     (Come on, let's do this!)

So... you want to make even more money than you already do? Well, here's your chance. The VASS Pages April 2014 Sales Bonus works like this:

  • $50,000 in Sales by April 15th, 2014 Pays Additional 2.5% Commission
    Sell $50,000 or more on or before April 15,2014 and earn an extra 2.5% on all sales for the month.*
  • Entire Month of April Bonus to follow on April 16th!

*"Sales" are determined by the sum of signed contracts with full payment delivered on or before bonus deadline. All commission bonuses to be paid at month's end. Contracts with payment plans do not count toward total Sales, and are not eligible for commission bonus.

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