Fish and Game Journalism/Conservation


 A fish and Game journalist is one who observes, study's and them documents for news outlets. The career can span anywhere from one who works in a lab, or those like Jeremy wade or Zebb Hogan.

 The field of wildlife journalism is a very slim yet highly competitive industry. This makes salary an interesting proposition. Based on experience, one could make anywhere from $30.000-$300.000

 The Study and reporting or mating times, population, and behavior create the catalytical aspect of the career.  the other side,  the photographic, literary,and advocacy stand point makes for a very cultured career.

Educational Requirements

The topics of study this path require are ,Wildlife/zoo-ology, journalism/ communication. This will supply the necessary educational credit. The field experience will come from my publishing of a wildlife blog, and various internships.

My Attraction

I am pursuing  this career, while obscure and lightly tapped embody s my lifestyle.  

It  captures my few  passions such as nature , photography and writing.  This paths also gives me vessels to advocate wildlife conservation and natural resource  elimination  

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