Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the of the United State of America. The flag of USA is red white and blue with stripes and stars, Presidents live in the White House in Maryland, Washington D.C. He came to power by election of the people of the United States

The government that USA had was democracy. It was the people of that country elect's their leader.

Domestic and Foreign policies

Some domestic policies that Ronald Reagan Accomplished was that he made better economy in America. He promised to cut taxes when he got elected for president. Another Domestic policy that he did was he  cut on government spending and balance their budget.

Some foreign policies that Reagan did was that he improved relations with the soviet union. They both wanted to build trust because they wanted to make the ending of the cold war better. in the Middle East, Reagan sent 800 U.S. Marines  as part of an international peacekeeping force.

Current event and A shout out of Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan had a big goal in his mind. It was to reduce the taxes and decrease the money spent by america, He achieved that goal like he wanted to.

A shout out I want to give to Ronald Reagan is that he ended the cold war with a big win. making the soviet union surrender.

Why he was the most influential

Ronald Reagan was the most influential because he influenced the people to get more jobs and to be more responsible for the country. Reagan influenced the government not to use more money and spend it on things you need. Reagan influenced the cold war to stop and made Stalin surrender and Soviet Union lost. He influenced the people of the USA to try to be better person and treat people equal.

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