Jay Cho Tackk Project

Act 5, Lord Montague, Jay Cho, Per 8

Today is saddest day in my life. Today, My wife, Lady capulet died. she couldn’t forget Romeo at the last moment. Moreover, Romeo died. How can I live without my wife and son? Oh God! why you only give me tragedy! when I heard that first time, I couldn’t believe it so I just thought it is just a joke. However, When I went to the tomb of daughter of Capulet, Juliet, there was a Romeo, and he was sleeping in the tomb. No, Actually, he died. When I saw him, I knew he is sleeping and we will wake up soon, however, he didn’t. There was a also Juliet, who is daughter of Capulet died next to Romeo. I couldn’t understand everything at that time, but the Friar Lawrence came to me and explain what happen to Romeo and Juliet. He said Romeo and Juliet loved each other and told me other happens between Romeo and Juliet. He was really sorry for the death of Romeo and Juliet. When I heard romeo and Juliet’s love, I felt the problem between my family and Capulet family. If we don’t fight, they did not have to marry secretly. If we don’t hate each other, they didn’t have to trick us. If we have good relationship, they didn’t have to die…

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