A day at the mall.

It started as a regular day at the mall. I had just gotten some food at one of the lower levels and had gotten into the elevator. In it with me was a little chubby kid. He looked about 6 years old. He had glasses on and had a sweater that had little reindeer on it pulling a sleigh with Santa in it. He also had a red hat, kind of like the one that Santa wears, and a Santa doll. He seemed a little addicted. We were going up when it stopped and the door opened and in came in Kris Kringle of all people. At least he looked like him. He was wearing everything that Santa does in pictures. He had probably just come from taking pictures with kids. That cheery smile faltered slightly when it saw the now eager 6 year old, probably guessing what was to come.

The 6 year old said, “Is it really you Santa?” as we started going up. Santa said, “Oh, yes. It is me!” in a fake, cheery way. The little boy started saying, “Woah. I've read all about you. Wait ‘til I tell Gre-” but he was cut off when the elevator abruptly stopped moving. I said, “What was that?” but the boy continued his sentence after he took a brief pause. Santa just looked at me and shrugged. The boy asked, “How fast does your sleigh travel? I've done some math with the amou-" He went on like that for a while.

You must understand at this point that I was pretty frantic. The Santa guy was, but he had bigger problems to worry about. The boy didn’t seem to notice it and said, “What do you mean, you haven’t tested the speed limit! It is illegal to go at a certain speed in a flying vehicle. You might get arrested and then who would deliver all the presents? You have-" Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah! He continued like that for a while. He was like a baboon, yelling and squealing.

While he was talking, I was trying to get out of the elevator. I had heard of stories about people being trapped in elevators forever, and that doesn’t seem real good. I was trying to open the door first with my hands then with a clothes hanger I had had in some clothes that I had bought. After I tried that, I tried slamming and yelling on the door. This was met by a “Shh…” from the little boy. During this I could hear the beeping of the buttons on the wall. Santa must have tried pressing the Firemen Button or the call button, but they didn’t seem to work. The little boy seemed pretty much oblivious of the accident that was going on. He was saying, “So if you reduce the-Santa, are you listening! If you reduce the hours of the elves and increase the daily wage for them, making presents would be much- Are you even listening?”

I told Santa, “It is no use. We should just wait for someone to go get help.” So we sat down on the carpet floor of the elevator. The boy, now somewhat alert of the danger, said, “Why are the lights off, Santa?” I responded by saying, “The elevator has stopped. We can’t get out.” The boy responded by saying that Santa’s Reindeer would fly down the elevator shaft and open the door and get us out. “That won’t happ-” I started saying but I was cut off by a, “Bang” from above. It was the sound of something landing on the top of the elevator. “Yay, the reindeer have come to save us!” said the boy. Santa said, “Um… I don’t know if that was a reindeer." That first bang was followed by another and another and another. The boy said, “Yay! Reindeer!” Neither me or Santa said anything to deny him because we kind of believed it.

Two more, “Bang!”s happened. Then there was the sound of metal scraping on metal. I looked up at where the noise seemed to come from and saw in the faint light that it was coming from the safety hatch. The safety hatch moved for a second and then it popped open. Then a bright light flashed inside the elevator, cutting off the little boy from saying something about the physics of elevators. In popped the head of a firefighter (He was wearing one of the little firefighter hat things) and he said, “Hello, which one of you would like to get out first.” We were saved! I was very relieved and I said quickly, “I would.” I got up and reached up my hands and several pairs of hands from above came down and grabbed them and pulled me up. There were several fire fighters up there. Next, the firefighters tried to pick up a very angry boy who was yelling something about reindeer. After they got him up, he walked to me and said, “Hey, who are you? You don’t look like a firefighter.” I said that I had been on the elevator. He said, “I don't remember seeing you on it.” I laughed silently to myself thinking that he had been too focused on that Santa character.

Last came Santa. The firefighters pulled and pulled and pulled and eventually got him up. After that the a firefighter each got hold of us and they went up a pulley system up to the next floor which was open. The firefighter who held me pulled up quickly. He seemed to be the boss. When we got up, I looked back and saw that two people were pulling up Santa. The other firefighters were pulling on the rope to get them up. It was hard getting him up, but eventually, they did. Then my parents came over saying things like, “Oh my goodness, honey! We were worried sick!” and all the other things that parents say. Through this, I saw Santa walk over to a Starbucks, order something, and sit down in a chair like a sack of corn. I pushed aside my parents, walked over to the Starbucks and ordered an espresso. I got it and walked over to Santa and said, “Merry Christmas.” and gave him the espresso. I sat down with him and we had a good chat together.

The end!

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