Bix Beiderbecke

A Bixography

A Summary of His Life

Bix was born in Davenport, Idaho on March 10, 1903. As a child, Bix couldn't read music very well, but he had a great ear for listening. His parents disapproved of his liking of music, so they sent him to military school. He was soon expelled for skipping class and decided to devote his life to music. In 1923, he joined The Wolverines and not long after, joined the Jean Goldkette's Orchestra. However, his inability to read music caused him to lose his job.

Bix decided to pick himself back up and joined the Paul Whiteman's Orchestra. This "orchestra" was one of the most popular bands of the 1920s. However, Bix began to drink excessively and it affected his job.He became delirious and had a nervous breakdown during one of his shows due to alcohol. He was sent back home and later returned to the jazz scene. However, his alcoholism caught up to him and in 1931, Bix died from an alcoholic seizure.

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