Freshmen Seminar

By: Julian Milan

Freshmen Seminar is an elective course usually taken during a Freshmen Year. This class provides information about study skills, organization, time management, and goal setting. It also provides incoming Freshmen information about their high school experience and what to expect. The course also provides some planning for the things that would come after high school.

Get Connected - I learned many new things about my high school and I also figured out what I want to do in high school before I graduate.
Student Skills - I learned about many new and different ways to take notes, also I learned about my learning style and how it affects my study habits.
Digital Literacy - In this lesson I learned how to distinguish phony and legitimate websites from each other. I also learned how to effectively search for content on the Internet using Google.
Careers - I learned in this lesson about some ideal careers for me and what I need to do in able to get to those careers.

Students should take Freshmen Seminar because it helps prepare incoming students for what the High school life would be like and what to expect. The class provides insight on what life outside and after high school will be like. It also might bring out your interests and what you think will be right for you to pursue. What I liked about Freshmen Seminar is that it provided information and advice that would really help us later on in life.

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