When I grow up I want to be a vet. Here is what I have  learned about being a vet.

What vets do is they do services for pet owners by they tell them what's wrong and if they need to do surgery. Vets earn 82 thousand dollars every year. When their done they return the pet to their owner. Vets tell the pet owner if they need a different food that is good for them.

3 interesting facts about vets.

1.       You can get 82 thousand dollars through out the year.

2.       59,700 people worked as vets in 2008

3.        80 percent female workers learned in vet school.

Why I want to become a vet. I want to help animals live their live longer.Also if they don't then I want to help them have a longer live. Plus I like doing surgery for animals. People are helping animals by doing surgery, feeding them food and water, and having them play in the fresh air.

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