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My Ideal Classroom

  This picture is an example of my ideal classroom. The two most important pieces of classroom technology is located here, a computer and a smart board. The smart bored is the most important piece of technology in my opinion. This is an educational way students can have fun, while still learning. The Smart Board allows the students to interact with the learning process hands on. In the textbook, "Applied Technologies for Teachers" it is said, "Although initially expensive, leading brands by Smart and Promethean have become increasingly popular in classroom and other instructional settings because they not only provide a bright projection surface, but also enable opportunities for students to interact with instructional content directly, either by desktop control, ink annotation or traditional white board markup." This statement shows how popular smart boards are becoming and how important they are in the classroom. I believe Smart Boards should  be located in every classroom. This type of learning should be able to be experienced by every child.

     Another item in this classroom that draws my attention is the computer. My ideal classroom would have enough computers for all the students or at least enough for the students to take turns. I believe computer usage at a young age is so important now-a-days. So many tasks are done on computers, whether it is research, homework, online text books and so much  more. Getting the experience at a  young age of computer usage is important because as you get older almost all work is done on computers. From experience almost all of my homework is due via internet along with tests and quizzes. Computer systems are also always improving and advancing. "Applied Technologies for Teachers" states, "Computers continue to evolve rapidly, drive by significant advances in mobility, processing power and cloud-driven software services that enhance productivity and security."

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