Papua New Guinea

By: Connor and Sam

The choice of a marriage partner is rarely left to the individual. Ideal marriage partners are hardworking and attractive.  Women pressed into incompatible marriages can return home or threaten suicide. If those strategies fail, young women may run away with lovers or commit suicide.

Well over one thousand languages are spoken throughout New Guinea.

The language of Tok Pisin is a symbol of national identity and a preferred means of communication.

The traditional diet of Papua New Guinea is largely vegetarian relying heavily on taro roots, sweet potatoes and sago. Fruits like bananas, coconuts, guavas, pineapples, watermelons, papayas and mangoes are also popular. Pigs and chickens are usually cooked on special occasions while fish, crab and crayfish are popular on the coast.

There are organized amateur leagues for the most popular sports, which include rugby, cricket, football (soccer), softball, basketball, and volleyball. Cricket is another top sport, especially in the southern region.

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