What is Autism?

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to try to say something, but being unable to express yourself? To scream to the world and having no words come out? My perception of Autism is similar and you’ll understand why. First of all, you should know that Autism is a disorder that affects the brain and its own development. The disorder disturbs a human being by causing him various troubles, like difficulties in social interactions. Repetitive and strange behaviors are also noticeable at a young age. Loud noises, lighting and smells can shock the person affected. Also, there are different levels of Autism, and the more the intensity of the disorder is high, the more it is difficult for person that suffers to talk. Some people aren’t even able to talk at all. I find it interesting to mention that 1 in 68 American children suffer from Autism. Boys are generally more affected since the statistics show that 1 in 42 boys are affected, compared to 1 in 189 girls. That being said, you’re probably thinking that Autism is not that popular, but when you look at it globally, 3 million individuals suffer from it in America, and millions worldwide. Now, let’s focus more on the causes of this syndrome. A few years ago, Autism was an unknown disorder, which no one knew so much about, but with the many scientific advances we have today, we are now more informed on where it comes from. The two logical explanations we have for Autism are genetic and environmental. By genetic, we understand that there was somewhere a mutation in the child’s genes during his conception. By environmental, we’re talking more precisely on events that occurred before and during the child’s birth that may have increased his risks, like a lack of oxygen that might have affected the child’s brain, or even maternal illness. To sum up, Autism is a very complex disorder, with many symptoms that will be demystified in the following text.

Kristina Geha

Group 1

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