I am Malala

Back ground

Malala was an education activist and women activist from the town of Mingora in Pakistan's. She fought against the Taliban laws and stood up for her self and the other woman in Pakistan. As she was on the Bus a

Malala was born 12 july 1997. Residence Birmingham, England. Her occupation is a Blogger. Her regilon is Sunni islam.

Malala was an inspiration to many people but something divesting happened.

On a Tuesday morning in October Malala was shot after she boarded he schoolbus. The gunman was looking for malala. He shot at a colt 45 and fired three shots at her. One bullet hit the left side of Malala's forehead, traveled under her skin the length of her face and then in to her shoulder.

Even though malala went through this horrible event in her life she didnt stop being who she was. She actually made her self stronger and better. She still continued to inspirational others and to i think that characteristic about Malala will never change.

People form all over help Malala Even the Queen

People stood up for Malala and said I Am Malala and they understood what she went through. People even gave her here own Day. An the color for the day is pink because she wasnt allowed to wear it according to the Tailaban.

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