Thousand Words
Jawna Fobes

March 24, 2015
Memory Moment

It was the first few pages of the book when I realized that what I was reading was a memory moment. The girl goes so in depth of the memory she is trying to not remember. She is at the community service center. That is basically where the memory starts. Then she starts thinking about her friend Vonnie's party, and how nobody ever misses them and how it is the party to go to, the party of the summer. She starts to remember how Kaleb, her boyfriend, said how instead of going to the party he is going to hang out with his boys. She only had a few weeks with his baseball boys. She remembered how she said that she had him forever, but all she says after that is how forever seems to be fading away and he is not there anymore.

March 25,2015
Tough Questions

As I read I had a few questions when the idea popped up. When Rachel, Ashleigh, and Vonnie were sitting together along the pool side talking about Kaleb all I could do is think about the actual situation and why she is at that community service center. I knew that it had to be coming up soon. One of my questions is why would someone, especially if you are dating that person, pick a few boys over his girlfriend? To me that seems stupid. If you are dating someone you should pick that person over a sport or a few boys that you would see tomorrow. My second question is whenever the situation popped up. She knew that it was a terrible idea that sending it would lead to trouble. She was going  down the right path and saying no. She was not going to do it. My question is why would she do something that she knew would lead to trouble or something that could put her in a place she didn't want to be?

March 26, 2015
Contrast and Contradictions

I noticed that the only people who really talked in her time of community service Amber and her friends. Mack never talked at all all he did was sit on the computer being silent and rapidly clicking the mouse. Amber just presented her pamphlet and poster and Mrs. Mosely was talking to her. One thing you shouldn't do is what the Amber's friends did. Which was tell someone they know why he or she is in there. You shouldn't point it out to anyone. They did it anyways. Once Ashleigh got her food and was about to go back to her computer they stopped her and told her they knew why she was there and how what she did was disgusting and desperate. The one person who nobody thought would speak up did. Mack. He said leave her alone and you could tell everyone was afraid of him just a little bit because everyone was silent. They stopped calling her names and talking to her and went back to whatever they were doing. He was the one the author chose to act differently than he normally did and for sure caught me by surprise.

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